Seemingly Impromptu

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Mike Kaminskas' new book!  Previously only available on Mike lecture tour and special promotions up until now.  It's already on its 4th printing! Get yours before they sell out again...

This travel sized 96 page book goes over 9 "impromptu" effects that Mike has been performing professionally around the world for years.  

Learn to float a cell phone, change the color of a drinking straw, even put a signed bill inside a borrowed sharpie marker and much more!

Extra Material: There is an introduction by Michael Weber and special commentary by Diamond Jim Tyler along with some notes on creativity... 


  • Sweet Tear -To supply a quick treat, the performer opens a bag of candies (for example, Skittles) by tearing a piece off of the bag. After pouring out a few candies into the spectator’s hand, he takes the torn piece of candy bag, and magically restores it to the bag, leaving the bag, once again, completely sealed.
  • Clinger -This is the classic Magnetized Wand effect we all learned as kids, reengineered to devastate the audiences of today.
  • Escape -A marker passes through a folded one-dollar bill, leaving it trapped inside. Displaying the marker clearly between the folds of the bill, it visually melts back through to freedom.
  • McStraw - A white straw with a single red stripe on both sides is displayed a the finger tips. A little shake and the stripes turn become yellow. One more shake and the straw morphs into the iconic McDonald’s straw having one red and one yellow stripe.
    Another shake, and the ENTIRE straw changes to red. One final shake and the straw becomes an entirely different color.
    This is “impromptu” eye-popping candy at its best.
  • Flash Flower - A lit match is touched to an origami flower where it explodes in a burst of flames and transforms itself into a real rose.
  • Static Float - A card from a borrowed deck clings to your finger to demonstrate the power of static electricity. The process is repeated, only this time, the entire deck clings to your finger. 
    In a surreal moment, the finger is removed from the cards and they remain suspended in mid-air. No wires, bent cards, fingers, sponge balls, or thread.
  • Sharp BendAs a gag, the performer picks up his Sharpie marker and shows off his take on the “classic rubber pencil” trick we all learned as kids. To his shock, when he stops moving the Sharpie, he finds in to actually be impossibly and permanently bent!!
  • EZ BP - A cocktail napkin is held by a corner and shaken open. A second and third napkin are opened in a similar fashion, and added to the first.  Without any funny moves, a bottled beverage emerges from the napkins!
  • Inside Job - A permanent marker is used to place an identifying mark on a borrowed bill. The bill is then rolled into a tube and pushed inside the performer’s clenched fist - where upon it vanishes with the wave of the marker. 
    Removing the cap, a bill is seen to be protruding from INSIDE the barrel of the marker.
    The spectator removes the bill themselves and confirms it as their own. A true miracle.

 "Honest, I only cheat a little."
Max Malini

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Seemingly Impromptu
Seemingly Impromptu
Seemingly Impromptu
Seemingly Impromptu
Seemingly Impromptu