Pi Ring on Band by Michael Scanzello

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 What is PI?

"WOW... Awesome and practical. The new standard in ring on rubber band." - Chris Kenner

"Your work is very nice. I like the way you use multiple methods to build up the believability of each phase. The whole routine is great and I really like the "Lost Link." Visual and smooth."  - Dan Harlan

"The third phase (Dangling Link) looked really great. New and from what I know original. good job."  - Joe Rindfleisch

Pi is an impromptu 4 phase routine with some of the most visual links and unlinks ever created with a borrowed ring and rubber band under increasingly impossible conditions!


  • 100% IMPROMPTU - No Gimmicks or Gaffs!
  • PRACTICAL - Perform it surrounded in real world conditions!
  • VERSATILE - Link bracelets, hair ties, even pretzels!
  • NEW METHOD - The ring dangles on the loose band!
  • WORKER - Takes up no pocket space and resets instantly!
  • A WHOLE ACT - With Crazy Man's Handcuffs and Shoe In you get an entire close-up act!
  • DETAILED TEACHING - Clearly explained up-close from 2 camera angles with first person replay loops and a diagram sheet for key positions!

Including a breath-taking, ONE HAND DISPLAY!

Pi: Ring on Band (4 phase routine)

Phase 1 - (Strand-by-Strand) - The borrowed ring melts through each strand, So smooth and clean people freak out!

Phase 2 - (Slow-mo Link) -  The ring slowly melts through the band unlike any other handling and is shown in a NEW DISPLAY that will devastate!

Phase 3 - (Dangling Link) - New Method for linking a ring onto a rubber band that leaves the skeptics speechless!

Phase 4 - (Lost Link) -The most direct and clean linking of a borrowed ring onto a rubber band possible. If you really could link a ring onto a rubber band THIS is how it would look!

Alternate Phase - (Master Link) - Featuring the killer ONE HAND DISPLAY and smooth unlink so clean it looks like trick photography in real life!


Pi: Ring on Band is a ground-breaking effect giving you all the visual impact of a gaffed routine, without the gimmicks or gaffs! Start clean and end clean!


Bonus Effects

Crazy Man's Handcuffs - Michael's presentation and handling to make this classic even better!

Shoe In (Ring to Shoe) - For laymen, has the impact of ring flight without the gimmick!


Package Includes

Instructional DVD

20 Super Stretch Bands

Practice Ring

Full Color Diagram Sheet


Running Time Approx: 70 minutes

Permission from: Bill Kalush, Dan Harlan, Harry Lorayne, Simon Aronson, Joe Rindfleisch, Russ Neidzwiecki, John Rogers, Justin Miller, and Vincent Mendoza, Thanks guys!


Includes: 350 Super Stretch Bands in a UV protective bag for extended band life.

Pi Ring on Band by Michael Scanzello
Pi Ring on Band by Michael Scanzello
Pi Ring on Band by Michael Scanzello
Pi Ring on Band by Michael Scanzello
Pi Ring on Band by Michael Scanzello
Pi Ring on Band by Michael Scanzello
Pi Ring on Band by Michael Scanzello