Real Life Constantine Ep. 3

This year, Philly Magic decided to send Real Life Constantine to the biggest popculture convention on the East Coast: New York City Comic Con! 

Once he got there, the real-life incarnation of the exorcist, demonologist and master of the Dark Arts made famous by DC Comics (and numerous on-screen adaptations) had only one job: walk around with a sign on his back, that says " Ask Me About My Super Powers" and wait for people to bother him.  Him being  something of a celebrity at Comic Con, this didn't take long. 

Watch the nicotine-addicted magick-user enlist his mystical gifts and curses to dazzle and shock the con-goers who flag him down.

If you liked this series, let us know! Tell what other conventions you want us to go to, and what other magical, superpowered characters you want to see brought to life.

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