Kiss-Off! by Dan Hauss - A Free Halloween Gift from us to you

Just in time
 for after Halloween - comes a fun, free candy effect from Dan Hauss.

Kiss-Off is an effect using a common chocolate "kiss".  The performer displays the candy on their outstretched palm, so that everyone can see it. Then, very openly the performer transfers the 'kiss' into their other hand, displays it once more, and once they are ready, performs a flawless looking one-handed vanish of the candy, seemingly crushing it into nothing, until opening their now plainly empty hand.  At this point, the performer allows the audience to notice their other hand is slightly closed, and then they open it, revealing that the chocolate kiss has appear back in the hand it began in, as though the entire trick had never happened.

This is just one of several ways to use the secret to Kiss-Off, which Dan lays out for you. Other effects include an on-the-table version of the above effect, and one where a coin is slowly tranformed into a Hershey Kiss, starting with the iconic paper strip, which seems to come from inside the coin.

This effect is completely free, as a  special treat this Halloween, from Dan Hauss and Philly Magic.

Learn it today by signing in or creating an account and it will show up in the My Stuff Menu. 

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